Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lives with Missing Pieces

People everywhere are facing missing pieces in their lives. The world is broken. There is an enemy who seeks our misery. People are not big enough, and make bad decisions. There are lots of reasons for these areas of lack.

The question is: what do we do about it?

For many, the lack becomes the thing. If I had the thing, life would be perfect.
            If I were married …
            If I had children …
            If I had that job …
            If my children did (or were like) …

Wants become needs. Good things become essentials.

Even those who know God fall into this – God is not enough. The very first sin was – God is not enough.

I do believe that God created people to need multiple spiritual fuels. But it is the relationship with our Father that activates all those fuels. If our focus is on the fuel, instead of the Activator, we are trusting the fuel to give life and meaning, instead of the Giver of the fuel.

For many people, it was the lack of moral perfection, or having no assurance of forgiveness or acceptance by God, that drove them to pursue God. For many, it was the lack of peace, meaning, or acceptance. God did not create the lacks. His world was perfect. There was nothing lacking. But God does continue to allow lacks, as a reminder of our need for him, and a nudge to pursue him.

We pursue independence and self-sufficiency. We pursue political and social perfection.

Guess what !! We are not going to get any of them !!

We need to pursue the only One who is sufficient, and who give all the fuels we need.

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