Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Love Does Not Seek Its Own; God Does Not Seek His Own

Perhaps the primary trait of love is being “other-centered.” People do need to be concerned about themselves and their lives. Food. Shelter. Education. The children. Career. Retirement. All things we need to be involved in. And all things that may require work, study, and prayer.

Still, love is able to separate itself, and its concerns, from itself. Love is not chained to its needs. It can even surrender its needs for the needs of another.

God is totally self-sufficient. His needs are already, totally, and entirely met. He could be concerned with his image. (And sometimes he is.) He could be concerned with running his kingdom. (And sometimes he is.)

God’s people have, at time, misrepresented him. The have given the world a false picture of who he is. God has decreed certain laws in his kingdom. His people have broken, ignored, misrepresented, and even substituted other laws. So, he could focus on painting a correct picture. He could focus on reinforcing his laws. Instead, he focuses on his mission.

God’s mission:
  • To create a spiritual family.
  • To establish, and practice a relationship with each children in his family.
  • To complete a renovation project in each child, so each child is living as he was designed.

God designed and created each one of us to live in his family, to have a relationship with him, and to live in a certain way. God’s design is general – he wants each one to live in love, in community, in relationship. God’s design is specific – he wants some to be teachers, some craftsmen, some to intercede, etc. For each of us to realize our place might not be easy for any number of reason. But, this is also part of God’s renovation.

God’s mission, and therefore, God’s heart focus, is about people. He gives 100% focused attention on each person. God is 100% other-centered, and 0% self-centered.

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