Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Love Hopes All Things; God Hopes All things

Hope might be best defined as “positive expectation>” A person with hope waits for good to come. Biblical hope is not might come, but will come. God’s will obviously comes, because God promises it. And, yes, it may not come in this life, but it will come.

And God looks with positive expectations at this life too. He knows life is not perfect. And he knows that in the end, it will get worse. People will turn away from him. Society and culture will be ruled by principles of ungodliness. Those who have not given him allegiance will agree more with sin, than with the law of love. But he knows his rule will overturn all of that, when he comes into his kingdom. Love will reign. His kingdom will be established as he planned it would be in the beginning.

And he knows that the plans he had from the beginning for each of his children will come to be. He knows how he designed us. He knows each person who gives him allegiance will live out his design. No one will perfectly live it out on this life. Each one will move toward it, because God has promised he will act or us. He expects his children will fulfill their design, and they will make significant progress in this life, because he will act to bring this about.

It is the love of God that chooses to see each person as they were designed, even as each person fails to live that. It is the love of God that chooses to give 100% attention to each person – acting o bring each person into his family, acting to raise each child (fulfilling their design, living as Jesus did from what fulfilled his heart.)

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