Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Love Perseveres; God Perseveres

We hear stories about people who inherit a lot of money, or win the lottery. They start “enjoying life” with the money. And they make a lot of new friends, who want to help them “enjoy life.” And everything is fine as long as the money lasts. When the money gone, the friends are gone. They were not the person’s friends; they were the money’s friends.

Love is not love, if it only lasts while things are good. Love walks down the whole road, valleys and mountain tops. Love chooses to stay.

Many Christians hold the opinion that God walks with his children, as long as they are obedient. And it is true, that fellowship with God is broken when we sin. But God is always ready to heal the relationship, when we turn back to him.

One of Jesus’ disciples asked Jesus how many times should a person forgive another person. Maybe seven times? Jesus responded, “No. Seventy times seven!” So, we should keep score, and when we hit 490 that’s it? No, Jesus was saying the number of times is uncountable. And if it should be uncountable with us, it is uncountable with God.

God perseveres because he sees the end. He sees each one of his children, as perfect pictures of Jesus. He sees each one as complete and whole. He sees each one as new.

He is absolutely confident of his plans, intentions, and the process that will be worked out in our lives. His plans do not fail. He will walk with us to the final day, when we will be glorified.

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