Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First Post

I gave the blog this particular title, because I feel that it describes life. We spend a lot of time in the dark. Finally, a shaft of light appears on the horizon. And, as the sun comes up, it gets brighter and brighter until the full day. Life is constant learning. We never graduate from school. At least, we shouldn't.

I created the blog, so that I could have a place to write down what I am learning. About God, people, realationships, change, prayer, community, growth. You could call it a diary or a journal, but I don't intend to review my day. If I am the only one who reads what is written here, that's ok. Just the fact of writing something down makes it more real. Psychologists talk about using more centers of the brain (reading, speaking, writing, listening) carving an idea deeper into a person's brain. I know that the simple fact of putting "words to paper" has the effect of making it clearer to me anyway.

Hopefully, I will learn more from it. Which is the point. And hopefully, I won't be so totally serious. That's another part of life.

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