Monday, July 25, 2011

Love and Agreements

Love is a fuel of the spirit. Our hearts are designed to thrive on love. We need it. We want it. But often we do not let ourselves be open to it.

We are not open to it, though it is such an integral part of our nature, because we get wounded in association with it. We open up to love, and we get slammed in the process. We get wounded in the core of our hearts.

Often, we enter into an "agreement" with ourselves. It may not be obvious as "love does not work" because our hearts still yearn for love. It may be "I must protect myself from wounding." So, we hold ourselves aloof. Or we always seek to have the advantageous position. It might be "I am not worthy to be loved." So, we seek alternatives like alcohol, drugs or superficial relationships.

We adjust our view of the world to accommodate this pain. We do not believe God, in his word, in his design of people or in his character.

In a world polluted with sin, people will always act and wounds will always result. Often, the intention is not pain. Our filters perceive certain actions as the intent to wound. We receive something meant as a joke as something harsh. People cannot truly, faithfully complete our yearning for love.

We need to look for God to complete our love. We need to open our hearts to his healing. We should invite his Spirit to draw close, to love us, to heal our hearts with his love. If we can receive healing, then we can open our hearts to others. This healing will allow our hearts to love like God -- truly, faithfully.

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