Monday, July 11, 2011

Power of Speech .. Sort of

I recently wrote about receiving and agreeing with spoken words. Recently I was sitting with a small group of people and we were discussing prayer. And we cam around to praying for the weather. You know ... there's a wedding and they want good weather. (Read: no rain.) But you also know there is a farmer somewhere praying desperately for rain.

Which is more important? Sunshine for the happy occasion? Or saving a family's livelihood?

I am beginning to thin that circumstances are like words. It depends on how we receive and agree with them.

There is a part of the Bible that states we should rejoice when there are trials. Jesus followers are not masochistic. We do not rejoice in the bad circumstances. We rejoice because in the middle of the trial, God is working his life deep into our spirits.

If we should rejoice because God works in the bad things, should we also rejoice because God works in the good things?

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