Thursday, July 07, 2011

Power of Speech

There is a part in Scripture that talks about the power of the tongue. It is like a rudder on a huge ship. It is like a bit in the mouth of a horse. Some people trat any kind of speech like it is magic. If I say it, it will happen.

There was an episode in the US, maybe the world, where a number of people became convinced that Jesus was returning. The world was coming to an end, not sometime in the future, but on a particular Saturday. And they talked about it a lot.

And we are still here!

Words do have power. But it is not the simple vocalizing of words that gives them power. It is receiving the words and agreeing with them that gives them power.

Everyone in the world has a sick heart. The heart is sick, because everyone has agreed to a lie.The sin nature plays a part too. It has a tendency to back away from the ways and words of God. It has a tendency to believe lies.

That is one reason why God gave his word. So, we can read and agree to the truth; and we can disagree with the lies people voice every day. That is what we are called to in everyday living. To agree with the truth and live it out in word and deed. To call a lie a lie, and demonstrate its fallacy.

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