Friday, November 18, 2011


When a person chooses to follow Jesus, God gives that person a special connection to himself. God's Spirit takes up residence in the temple of the human heart. And the Spirit gives each follower a supernatural enablement. The Bible descries it as a gift of grace.

There has been a lot of debate about these gifts in recent years. But the Bible states several things quite clearly.

(1) The gift is for the common good. One picture the bible gives of the people of God is that of the human body. There are numerous part, internal organs and bodily functions. Each of these are necessary to maintain the proper health of the group and to promote growth and reproduction. So, each gift is necessary for the health and growth of God's family. If members do not complete their function, it will weaken the group. Either it will not function well or it will become ill.

(2) There are many gifts, because there are many needs. Meeting all of the needs is vital to the group. We are not in the position to say one person is more important than another. If you are on a ship, and the engine is overheating, to the point that it will explode if nothing is done, the captain is not the most important on the ship. The most important person is the third rank mechanic who knows where the relief valve is.

(3) It is the Spirit who gives each gift. It is the Spirit who works through each gift. It is the Spirit who places each gift as he wills, according to his mission and wisdom.

If any gifts are more important, it is the equipping gifts. People with these gifts restore the life and health of God's children, so they can do the best, and be the best, at serving in whatever capacity they have. (The evangelist does not share the good news. He trains, restores and heals the remainder of the family so they can share the good news and be the good news.)

If someone proclaims Jesus as Lord, God has given them his Spirit. The Spirit has given them a gift of grace. And all members of the family, in reality, do have a capacity that must be embraced or the family falters. Everybody has a place.

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