Friday, November 04, 2011

Wallking With God: The Sinai Blessing

There have been several phenomena that have gotten many Christians very excited in the last several years. These Christians look at these Phenomena as an indication of God's anointing and blessing.

They seem to forget when God was leading Israel back to Canaan from Egypt. God personally led them. By day, he stood in a pillar of cloud. By night, he stood in a pillar of fire. And when they camped, his presence resided in a tent that was specially made for the purpose. It could be argued that God has never displayed his presence in such a public, consistent, long term manner.

Yet this blessing did not lead to greater holiness. Indeed, none in that generation, except Joshua and Caleb, not even Moses, lived to enter the Land of Promise.

Anointing and blessing are wonderful to have, but walking with God is more than just anointing.

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