Monday, November 21, 2011

Mission and Gifts

We have Jesus' marching orders -- make disciples. We have Jesus' supernatural enablement -- gifts of grace. do they go together?

People with certain gifts inspire. Others give vision or encourage. Others can give instruction about skills, ideas or attitudes. Others heal physically or psychologically. Others serve, meet needs or provide. The overall effect is progress, growth and momentum. The overall aim is building the body of Christ.

The process of building continues until everyone has the same relationship with Jesus, the same understanding of Jesus, and the same character that behaves like Jesus. All the children of God are mature. They are not following fads. They are not following glitz.

Too often the followers of Jesus get mesmerized by shiny objects and bright lights. They major in the minors.

We are to focus on truth. We are to focus on love. By application of truth and love, we should grow to think, speak and act like Jesus. Jesus empowers each part. And as each part completes its work, the whole grows.

And because the whole grows to think, speak and act like Jesus, it has a transforming effect on its society and culture.

Isn't that the core of what being and making disciples all about?

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