Saturday, March 17, 2012

Availability - I

I have heard a number of teachers speak to the need of being available to god. What is being available about?

If we are available, we assume God gives assignments/tasks in pursuing his purposes. We believe people are partners with God to achieve his ends. And God has developed strategy and tactics to accomplish that. Many people believe God communicates the strategy and tactics, and people should steps of obedience to carry them out. Some believe we take God's strategy and tailor it to our current situation. And some believe that God will not necessarily reveal the strategy and tactics, but will give us tasks to complete within his plans. [ "Go and ask to pray for the man in the Mets cap. Tell him I love him." "Give the homeless man $5. Tell him that this week, he will receive two full-time job offers, and to take the second." ]

An assumption of availability means we believe God communicates and God orchestrates. And we are prepared to cooperate with what God is doing. We are open to what he says. We have bought into his plans.

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