Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Evangelism - III

A succinct summary of the gospel is:
  • Mankind sinned/broke God's law
  • God punishes lawbreaking
  • God is motivated to reconcile with the lawbreakers.
  • God, as Jesus, was born into the world. 
  • Jesus proclaimed God's intentions.
  • Jesus lived out the life of God.
  • Jesus died as a criminal -- even though he was innocent of any lawbreaking.
  • Jesus, in death, was substituted for any\every lawbreaker.
Each person must make the decision to apply this Jesus-death-subsitution to themselves. The application seems to have these elements.
  • Faith -- Jesus' death and substitution has effectively negated the punishment a person deserves.
  • Volition -- The person chooses to let God negate his punishment.
  • Volition -- The person chooses to re-align himself with God's purposes for him.
(A choice that includes the acceptance of God's pardon, but not the acceptance of God's rule -- in effect, asserting a right to continue in lawbreaking -- is not how the choice is correctly constituted.)

What happens to the person? He is:
  • Justified -- Case dismissed.
  • Redeemed -- Ransomed from corruption.
  • Sanctified -- Transformed.
  • Adopted -- Brought into God's family.
  • And on and on and on ...
What are the person's obligations? Succinctly, to follow Jesus' commands:
  • Receive Christ -- apply the death substitution.
  • Be baptized -- Declaration of that choice.
  • Worship\communion.
  • Love.
  • Give.
  • Pray.
  • Make disciples.
(The obligations are not my own. I am not correctly remembering the man's name at the moment. George Patterson?)

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