Saturday, March 17, 2012

Availability - III

There are also people who make themselves available, take steps of obedience and find themselves in a situation they were unprepared for, so the stop being available.

I recently heard a story about a family (told by the husband) from a middle class background, who believed God wanted them to move to a poor neighborhood to help and to love. So, they were available, obedient and faithful, and moved. And after moving, they experienced culture shock ... and stopped being available.

The man recognized his failure. He realized that God moved him into a situation that will move him beyond his boundaries and expectations. God called him to be available to love people. He believed he know what love looked like. Now, he realizes it is more. He is moving back to becoming available.

Not all people realize they have broken the available connections with god. They had expectations how it would go, what was required, how much time, how much work, and what success looked like.  When the expectations were not met, they broke the connection.

There is a risk in availability. We could fail. The situation could develop in a way we did not anticipate. Should we persist? Should we re-evaluate? Should we reboot? Whatg have we learned? How have we grown?

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