Monday, May 14, 2012

Kingdom - 6

Jesus told two slightly different, slightly shorter, long similes, but they made the identical comparison. Each described a man who found something extremely valuable. He recognized how valuable it was, so he sold all his possessions to be able to purchase it.

Here is a person who found something of such value, that giving everything to get it, puts him in a much better position. What is there in life that would make a person want to go “all in”?

To gain citizenship in the kingdom, we really do not lose any physical possession. We have as much, or as little, as we did before. But our right of possession changes. We recognize that anything we have has no value compared with our relationship with the King and our citizenship in his kingdom. All we have is put under his rule. And it is not difficult to do so.

Going “all in” with the King is not a gamble. These is a change in our core about ownership and rights.

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