Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Events

I was on a brief hiatus over the Memorial Day weekend. First, this is the time of year for graduation parties. And as it turned out I hosted one, and went to another. My daughter graduated from nursing school. Now's time for job hunting and NCLEX taking. (Board exam to put the registered in front of the nurse.)

On Monday, we took half of China (OK, there were six Chinese students) on a hike along the Susquehanna River. There is a spot referred to as the Pinnacle, that is situated high above the River. The river is very wide at that place. The combination makes it quite a spectacular view. To get there, the trail goes along, and across occasionally, a creek. Lots of hopping from rock to rock.

It would have been a really wonderful day except I lost my car keys. I immediately thought I dropped them on the trail. So, I backtracked along the trail. Obviously, I never found them. Equally, obviously, I am here typing, so we did get home. 

A man, his son and two black Labs asked me if I were me. Of course, I was. They had found my keys back by the car. The man spent quite a bit of time asking about my welfare. It was hot, and the extra water was in the locked car. So, I was tired, thirsty, but not hungry. Too much graduation food in the days before. But he seemed genuinely concerned I was going to make it back up the hill. And I was and am grateful for his concern. I did make it on my own.

As it turned out, an older Amish woman found the keys and asked my wife if she were looking for keys. (With my luck, there were probably about 20 feet from the car.) A large group of Amish were having a picnic at the park where we parked. There was a volleyball game of about 20 girls in long dresses and aprons. There was a softball game. The older ones were sitting in the shade on very modern looking folding chairs. And one of them found my keys.

There is probably a spiritual lesson to found here somewhere. Something about community. Concern for people. Service. I could probably add something about out of shape Chinese student slipping, and sliding on wet, moss-covered rocks. At the moment, it tickles the synapses in my brain, but nothing I can express at the moment. So, we'll put this on the mental shelf for a couple of days.

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