Monday, May 21, 2012


Worship is the focus of the heart and mind on the greatness and goodness of God. It will definitely involve a person’s mind. It may involve the emotions. It may involve the body.

If a person sits, not moving, not speaking, but his mind is fixed on the faithfulness of God. His spirit is given to thankfulness for God’s faithfulness. He remembers episodes of that faithfulness being demonstrated. In all the time, he is so engaged, he is worshiping.

And if that thought process moves him to speak aloud prayers of thankfulness, that is still worship. And if the move him to sing and dance, that is still worship.

Often we get caught up in the words, the style of worship. People argue. Hymns or worship songs. Guitars. Suits and ties or cut-offs. If we are caught up in the cultural expressions, our hearts and mind are not given over to God’s goodness and greatness.

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