Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God's Will

If the will of God is defined as something that happens that God intends/wants to happen, then God’s will is broken every day. God declares that stealing is wrong; it should not happen. Every liquor store hold-up, every mugging go against God’s will.

So, is God not all-powerful?
Is God uncaring?
Is God not active in time and space?

The power of God is axiomatic. The creation of all, parting of the Red Sea and the Jordan, calming of storms are argue for God’s power.

It is Christ on the cross that argues for God’s love and concerns the most. We were all condemned, sitting on death row, when Jesus took our place and our punishment.

It is Jesus incarnated that argues for God’s active intervention in the world. Jesus taught, looked people in the eye, healed, touched and met people where they lived. He worked at their point of need.

I don’t understand why God allows evil to continue. Is he giving rom for personal choice? Is he preparing for final judgment? But God, in Jesus, demonstrates he can act, he does care and he has not stopped influencing the affairs of men.

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