Friday, June 22, 2012

Kingdom - 13

Jesus tells a story about a rich man going on a journey. (This story was told at the same time and place as the previous story.) The rich man called his servants and entrusted each one with a portion of his wealth. They were supposed to keep an eye on it while he was gone.

In his absence, some of the servants used the wealth to earn greater wealth for their master. But one hid his portion, because he was afraid his master might get angry. When the rich man returned, he rewarded those who invested his wealth, but he punished the one who hid it.

There is a time limit on the kingdom. And there are expectations placed on its citizens.

  • They need to realize they have been given a tremendous gift. Of extraordinary value.
  • They also need to realize that the gift should not sit on the shelf. It should be used. It should be utilized to produce what God’s values most.
    1. An increase to his glory.
    2. People added to his kingdom.
    3. Healing and restoration.
    4. Lives growing to live in agreement with his expectations, values, mission and will.

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