Monday, August 27, 2012

Grace and Prayer - II

This understanding of God's nature provides us with a different understanding of prayer. People should not be afraid to ask God. To seek provision for needs. To ask about wants. To pray for big things.

The answers coming back may not be what I expected. My son may ask me for a Harley 900. I have have the means to get him one. I may want to give him one. But, if he is five, he is not legally able to drive. He is not physically ready or mentally ready to drive one. I would be a bad father to buy one, and say, "Here it is! Take off!"

I could tell him he was too little, and buy him a bike. I could tell him he was too little, and plan to buy him one as a high school or college graduation present. I could buy one, and show it to him. "You are too little to ride it now. But this is yours, and you can rtide it when you are older."

The are a multitude of possibilities of how God could respond to our requests in keeping with his love, his wisdom and his purposes.

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