Friday, August 24, 2012

Grace and Prayer

Jesus told a story about man who had a late night visitor. The visitor had come far, had eaten nothing and was famished. The man, being a good host, wanted to feed him, but he had nothing in the house. So, he went to his neighbor. He knocked on the door, and shouted out his need for some bread. Again, it was late. Everyone was in bed. And the neighbor did not want to get up.

Now , if the neighbor did not want to get up, because of friendship, or common kindness, he would get up if the man kept banging on the door. He would not be able to get back to sleep unless he got rid of the man.

Jesus drew a contrast between God and the neighbor. Many people feel like God is like the neighbor. When we bring our needs to him, we have to bang on the door, yell loud, and keep yelling until God says “For my sake, here! Take it! Now give me some peace and quiet!”

No, Jesus says God is not like that. People tend to be selfish. But even most selfish people love their children, and want to provide the best for them. And God is not a selfish person. God is a truly loving, generous person, who really wants to reach out to us, and give us the best.

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