Tuesday, May 21, 2013


There was a common belief among the Jews of Jesus' day, that any bad thing that happens to people, is a result of evil they committed. So, when they found someone who was born blind, there was some confusion among the disciples. If someone is born blind, who committed the evil, the man or his parents?

Jesus' answer was totally unexpected. Neither. No person's evil. Rather the man's blindness was to demonstrate God's glory.

Then, he said something interesting. We all have assignments, job God gives us to do. We need to do them quickly, completely and thoroughly. And there is a time limit. The time limit is Jesus' presence in the world.

That doesn't necessarily mean that we who live now can sit on the laurels of those who came before us. Jesus' family is also his body. Jesus' family are his hands, his agents, and his SWAT team in the world. So, just as he was given assignments, his mission, his purpose is all in those assignments. Notice then, how important it is to pay attention, to keep the communication lines open between the head and the body. Unlike any corporation or army in the world, the chain of command in God's kingdom is short. The commander-in-chief gives every soldier his orders. There are zero intermediaries.

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