Saturday, May 25, 2013

Be the Church

Early in church history, the enemy worked hard to pollute and corrupt God's family. He lied, deceived and cheated some of God's children, so they woud live out those lies.

Church leaders responded by training and authorizing only those who were trained to interpret and share God's Word. This resulted in a dichotomy of God's family. God declared that his whole family would be priests. This decision made part of the family priests, and part of the family were dependent on the priests. This created a hierarchy within God's family that God never intended.

As Paul wrote Timothy, God's intention was faithful men teaching faithful men, resulting in a cascade of truth. Restricting access to God's word does not protect it. Empowering access to God's WQord protects it.

The old story is:Treasury agents learn to identify counterfeit money by becoming so familiar with genuine currency that any differences in a particular bill stand out like a sore thumb.

Jesus followers, as priests of the Most High, should be as disciplined, diligent and dedicated as those Treasury agents. Each should understand the gospel, God's mission and their part in the mission thoroughly.

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