Monday, May 13, 2013

True Light

The Bible describes Jesus as being "true light." "True light" is obviously a metaphor, because Jesus was a person. But light is what people need to successfully navigate. And people have a lot to navigate through:
  • What to give ultimate allegiance to
  • how to conduct life
  • what to value
  • what to pursue.
Jesus was true light, because he revealed the truth about these things. He not only pointed us toward God, but he revealed God. When we look at Jesus, we see a picture of God. We don not see the infinite attributes of God, but we do see the personal attributes of God. We see his conduct, his values, his goals and his attitudes. We see how God responds to positive events and how God responds to tragedy. And, therefore, we can see how we should respond. But probably of first importance, we can see who we give ultimate allegiance to.

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