Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be The Church (Sin) - III

To repeat: I do not think it is spiritually healthy to be caught up in sin: not with being engaged in it, not with its penalties, and not how to avoid it.

I am not saying we should not be serious about sin. Jesus was very serious about sin. The Bible says very definitively that we should avoid situations or people, and remove things from our lives, that can push toward sin.

But it is not sin, or even the avoidance of sin, that we have given our allegiance to. That would be the Father.

What we should be focused on is our relationship with God. Our questions should predominantly be things like: 
•   What please God? (And yes, one could say God is pleased by our not sinning.)
•   What is most on his heart?
•   What does God want?
•   What is he like?
•   What do I do that leads me to a greater closeness and a greater understanding of him?

A journey is pointless if a person spends most of his time considering where he is not going, rather than where he is going.

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