Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Eternally Present - II

There is another aspect of God's eternal presence. There are places in Scripture where it describes God's intimate knowledge of us.

He knows our thoughts, our intentions and our motivations. He counts the hairs on our heads, the steps we take and the tears we cry. He knows our ways, our actions, and our patterns of life.

Scripture says he has uncountable thoughts toward us. Imagine ... he is thinking about, totally consumed with, seven billion people at the same time. Right now, he is giving each one his complete, undivided attention.

So, what is he thinking about?

Many people immediately think, "He's thinking about my sin." We'll, if there is one thing I'm sure he's not thinking about it is our sin. I know this, because there is (at least) one place in Scripture where God says he is the one who wipes out our sin. And not only does he wipe them out, but he won't remember them. And if he won't remember them, how can he think about them?

I'm sure he will be aware of our needs, weaknesses, failures and areas of growth. But I am equally sure he will consider our strengths, our destiny and the places/conditions where we are assets.

We are designed by God. He is eternally present with each of us. So, he gave infinite, all-consuming care to each of our designs. These designs are now marred by sin, but we are still intricate, beautiful and marvelous mechanisms. And we are more than mechanisms. We are dearly loved. God considers each one of us as a wonder and a miracle. God only makes wonders and miracles!

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