Sunday, July 06, 2014

Eternally Present

Someone told me once that they thought it was inappropriate for people to ask God for mundane things. She felt God was too concerned with the important issues in life (like hunger, poverty, cruelty and injustice.) So, eventually, I found myself asking the question: is God concerned about all of life, or just the heavy issues?

My answer to this question has made God's omnipresence one of my favorite attributes of his nature. Because it doesn't only mean that God is present everywhere, but it also means that God is eternally present with each person.

So, God is the only one who is in a position to pay focused attention on world hunger and each child's empty stomach. He cares deeply about human trafficking and each person sold into slavery of any sort. He cares about war, disease, pollution and poverty. And he is eternally present with people who are worried about tests, parking places, being late to work, as well as loneliness, inferiority and loss of hope. God is eternally present, so he can fully enter into what is on each person's heart.

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