Wednesday, July 23, 2014


God knows all about us. The good, the bad and the trivial. He still seeks us. He still wants to know us.

After he created the world, God would walk in the garden in the cool of the day and talk to Adam. What did they talk about?

It wasn’t a Bible study, because there was no Bible. It wasn’t preaching about repentance and faith, because there was no sin. It wasn’t encouragement about obedience, because they was no law. What did they talk about?

“You know God, I’ve been trying to train the monkey to clean up after they eat. It’s like herding cats!’

“The gazelles want me to organize a soccer league.”

“I don’t know what it’s called, but that purplish-red fruit is really good!”

Maybe they just shared what was on their hearts. God talks about how the world and people were designed. How cool it all was. How he envisioned it all developing. Adam talks about what he knows. Different ways the animals act. A new plant he found and what it could be used for.

Maybe the purpose and design of mankind is to know God, to open our hearts to him, and to receive what is on his heart for us.

Maybe sharing what is on our hearts is what prayer is all about. I know the world has changed. At the very least, it has gotten a whole lot more serious since the age of innocence before the Fall. The stakes are high. People’s lives hang in the balance. The world is in a shambles. And God wants to be involved, and wants us to be involved, in all the pain and the loss. But maybe God also wants to hear your heart about:

  •  Your favorite team trading your favorite player;
  • Your family vacation; 
  •  Your golf game … and that wicked slice; 
  • How you wish you were better; 
  •  How you are afraid of change, taking initiative and failure.

He already know the good, the bad and the trivial. You might as well talk him about all of it.

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