Tuesday, September 06, 2011

God's Primary Position in His Mission

Only God can grant salvation. Only God can cause growth. Only God can heal hurts. We partner by setting the stage, planting the seed and witnessing the act of grace.

I wonder if God did not make us partners in this work for our benefit. He seems to limit himself to act in response to prayer. God is not constrained by our action or inaction. He is the only truly self-sufficient one. We we pray and he acts, we are always so amazed. We glorify God in our hearts if nowhere else. We are enlightened by his action – we know something of God’s nature a little more clearly, a little differently – and we give glory again.

We partner with him again in declaring the message, demonstrating new lives and loving ones who need love. Can we do any of these things better than he can? Do we see God, people and ourselves differently when he speaks convincingly through our small actions? Do we understand God’s heart and grace better when one more is added to his family? Perhaps we should.

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