Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living in the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God resides in the hearts of his children. So, where the children go, the Kingdom goes. And where the Kingdom goes, the King goes.

The children bring the presence, the power and the authority of the King wherever they go. Kind of like pixie dust.

In Peter Pan, Tinker Bell used to scatter pixie dust everywhere she went. Pixie dust was the visible manifestation of fairy magic. God's children should leave a trail of spirit dust in their wake. They should cause a tremor in the Force. (To change movie references.)

Wherever Jesus went people and situations became different. Sometimes it was the miracle of healing. Sometimes it was the miracle of love and acceptance.

Jesus was fully God and fully human. He was fully God in disrupting the nature of the universe. To introduce a brand new creation into the world.

Jesus was fully human, living in relationship to and dependence on the Father, as an example to us. We should live in the same pattern Jesus lived. We should have the same positive disruption of people’s lives like he did.

We do not, because we do not walk in love, faith and God-dependence like he did. Our lives are tainted with sin, and his was not. As we live with him, allowing him to heal our hearts, we should grow and become more like him. Including this godly disruption.

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