Monday, September 26, 2011

Walking With God : Requires Trust

Walking with God involves learning to have a real-time conversation with God, and acting in real-time on what we learn. 

Learning to receive communication from God in real-time is not always easy. Everything around us can speak too loudly. It can be hard to distinguish God's voice from all the other voices shouting for our attention. The enemy certainly does not want us to hear God. The enemy wants us to fail, to be miserable, overcome with guilt and addicted to everything and anything else but intimacy with God. Continued intimacy with God means we are abiding with him. Abiding with him means we are bearing fruit. Bearing fruit means we are fulfilling God's purposes. Fulfilling God's purposes means the enemy is being defeated. And he will fight with the desperation of a cornered animal to keep that from happening.

If hearing God is difficult, acting on what we hear can be more difficult. God speaks based on what he sees and understands. We want to act on what we see and understand. Since, he sees so much further and more clearly than we do, we often do not see what he sees. And we have to walk, letting him lead us like a blind man. And people, especially those in America, are taught  to trust only in themselves. It is hard to let someone else lead. Yet, it is this walking in trust and intimacy that is the essence of what a relationship with God should be, and how god will partner with people to re-establish his kingdom on earth.

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