Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Gospel Challenge - II

On further consideration of my last post, there is another part of the Bible where it is said that wisdom is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. (Rough paraphrase.)

Stirring up trouble, arguments and bad feelings does not honor God. Christians are already labeled as bigoted, critical, and narrow-minded. They only give lip-service to this thing they say they believe in -- love.

Jesus did say that the gospel itself was going to be offensive. For one reason, it was going to turn the expectations of the religious upside down and inside out. Those who thought they were in are going to find that they are out. And those on top are going to find out that they are really on the bottom.

So, how do you tell someone that he is a fool for not believing in Jesus -- not only will they be condemned for eternity, but they will cut themselves off from living as they were designed to live -- but do it in a truly kind and loving way?

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