Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Body and Gifts - IV

I have heard people say that all people in the church are necessary and important to the health and growth of the body. The Bible certainly teaches that. I am not too sure that the church of God lives that way.

I have pointed out in a previous post ( ) that the Bible says we are all priests, but we don't live like priests. What we live like is: certain people are priests.

God gives gifts. Most agree that one gift is "teaching."  In present-day churches, it seems like there are two places where the teaching gift gets plugged in: the message during the worship meeting, and in spiritual education for children. In some churches, there is a spiritual education system developed for adults. In many of those churches, the adult education and the worship meeting teaching is filled by the same people.

What if there is someone with a gift of teaching, who is not one of those teaching the worship meeting, and whose gifting is not suited to teach children?

If the Holy Spirit gives gifts to individuals by his wisdom, outs those individuals into a group of Christians by his wisdom, and the purpose of gifts are for building the body, how does the above individual fit in and express the gift to do what the Spirit intends it to do?

Does he invent his own curriculum, structure and plug it into the church and its structure? And if the leadership feels this new thing does not fit in with the values, goals and philosophy of the church? Is it the church's responsibility to find a niche for everyone?

And if a person has no niche, no expression of who he is in God among God's people, is he that necessary and important to the body?

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