Monday, September 10, 2012

The Body and Gifts

One of the Spirit's jobs is to point favorable to Jesus. Jesus is the visible part of the God-head. He is a picture that allows us to know the character and nature of God. By revealing Jesus to people, he reveals the Father and himself.

Because his family is the body of Christ, part of the strategy is to shine a light on the people of God. God's people should be a picture -- and imperfect picture, but a true picture -- of Jesus.

God gives each person in God's family a supernaturally empowered ability, so each person in god's family matures, has a heart to pursue God's purposes and their role in them. The completion of God's purposes is a team effort.

There is a lot of discussion about who is the greatest quarterback today: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. The truth is, if they did not have teammates protecting them, the greatest quarterback would be Michael Vick, because he can run, and neither Brady nor Manning can.

These men have an important function that leads to the success of failure of their team. But they will fail unless they have others completing their functions.

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