Friday, September 28, 2012

The Body and Gifts - VII

God's marching orders concerning his coming kingdom is for his fmaily to take the resources he has given us and put them to work.

He has given us gifts, grace, love, his presence, his Spirit, his promises and a team to work with and rely on.

The change charge is to work for the profit of God's kingdom, to be faithful, to gain fruit and to glorify God.

The problem is that large parts of the family of God have forgotten how to move ... or maybe, never knew how to move in the first place.

They are afraid to make a mistake. The don't feel able. The expect one thing, and God expect another. They value themselves, the gift of God and what they can do as being too little.

Do what God has put on your heart. Do not despise small things. The kingdom of God is like a small seed put into the ground, that grows to cover the whole world. And anyone can plant a seed.

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