Monday, October 12, 2015

All Things for Good - 1

Because of what the Lord shared with me (here) about how he speaks into our situations, bringing good into the situations, and also bringing good into our relationships with the Father, I have spent more time actually asking the Father what he has been saying about different situations.
There is a couple we know. We are very invested in their lives. We care very deeply for them. And they have chosen to end their marriage. We are extremely sad. We have prayed. We have talked. We have agonized.
I finally asked Father what he was speaking into this situation, because I certainly did not see much good coming from it.
He spoke to me almost immediately, and said "I hate divorce." And I got the distinct feeling he was not just speaking about this marriage. And he was not just speaking about marriage.
God designed people to live in relationship. Especially with him. We can see all over -- in the news, in our lives -- relationships are being broken left and right. And God hates it. God hates divorce, because it is a broken relationship.
Then God said, "I know this situation is a mess. And I know the pain you feel. This is how I feel whenever a relationship is broken. This is how I feel when anyone chooses not to follow me."
God made people for relationship with him. God made people to know him, to be blessed by him, and to be made complete by that relationship. There are people, who have no knowledge of him. There are people, who have knowledge of God, but choose not to pursue a relationship with him. And there are people, who know about and have chosen to begin a relationship, and then, have walked away from God.
People do walk away. Things do not live up to expectations. Maybe life did not become easier. Maybe they did not live up to other's expectations. (Expectations usually from other people, and not from God.)
In all these cases, relationship with God is not formed as it should. And it quite simply brings pain to God's heart.
God says he will speak to every situation and bring good from it. I do not see and practical good at the moment in this situation. But I do understand God's heart better:
  • He is experiencing pain in this too.
  • He is also experiences the same sort of pain with those who do not know him.
    • People on TV: refugees, sports stars, reporters, actors.
    • People at work.
    • People in my neighborhood.
    • People in my family.
I am amazed at how big God's heart is. And I am amazed at how big my heart should be. And how my heart should be used.

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