Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Identity in Christ - 43 (Partaker in Christ)

In the original language, "partaker" literally means "to have with." So, other versions render it: to share in, to participate in. It begins to sound like being "the owner of all." Except that the write adds some conditions. He writes that if we are faithful to God's commands, then we can share in all that God commands.
  • God's Perspective
So, is this requirement of faithfulness to avoid punishment? We have said here numerous times that God's plan is to create a family of restored (or in the process of restoration) people. God designed people. He gave his commands as guides toward living as he designed. As we are faithful, we flow in agreement with our design.
Maybe being not able to share in God's resources is not a punishment. Maybe it is a natural result of not living as we were designed. And this is a warning like "don't touch the hot stove."
There is another aspect of this. If we move away from faithfulness, we move away from God. We break -- at least temporarily -- the relationship we have with God. God's resources flow through that relationship. It is our connection to him that allows us to be partakers, sharers and participants.
  • Living My Life
God does not demand faithful obedience or else. It is a warning that we will miss true, genuine life, because we will be living in a way that flows against the flow of God's Spirit. Living in faithfulness to God's commands means we remain connected to our source of life. The Spirit will flow towards us and fill our hearts with grace, love and all of his other resources.
Lack of faithfulness means death, because we are cutting ourselves off from the source of life.

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