Thursday, October 01, 2015

Identity in Christ - 40 (New Creation)

This identity trait spans all of a person’s being, except perhaps their physical body. Immediately anyway.

When we give our allegiance to Jesus:
  • We see God in a new way. As Lord, Father, Friend, Helper, Guide and Teacher.
  • We see the world in a new way. If it filled with people who are enemies and rebels of God, who is the rightful ruler of the world. But rebels and enemies who are loved by God. He has literally invested blood, sweat and tear into each and every one.
  • We see ourselves in a new way. We were once one of those rebels and enemies. We are now accepted and valued members of God’s family. We are a strategic part of God’s mission. All of these identities become ours, the moment we choose allegiance.
  • We have gone through Jesus’ cleaning process. We were crucified with Christ. We died, were buried, were resurrected and were glorified (and will be glorified) with Jesus. We went through God’s judicial process, and found guilty, but the penalty was already paid.
  • He put his Spirit in our hearts. He is god’s guarantee that we will always be part of his family, and one of his children.
  • We are going through God’s transforming process. His Spirit makes us God’s possession, child, subject and friend. It also inject new spiritual DNA into our life. Cell by cell, it grows this new life in us. Moment by moment, he speaks to us, encourages us, teaches us, and guides us. He works through the barriers in our hearts, creating channels for this new life. Over time, whole walls – habits, thinking patterns, past decisions and agreements – will collapse, allowing whole vistas of new life to flow through. 
  • God’s Perspective
We have only scratched the surface of what it means to be “new.” We have only scratched the surface of how God views it. But God has declared all these things I have just said, all the identities that I have gone through, and all the identities that I have yet to go through, to be true. They are true now. Moreover, he acts towards us based on their truth.
  •  Living My Life
God says we are new, and all these things are true. And he treats us, and acts towards us, on the basis of these things being true. And I confess I have no idea of all the ramifications of this. In each identity trait, we have caught a small glimpse of what this means. Ultimately, we need to embrace and live this truth. We are new.

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