Saturday, October 10, 2015

Identity in Christ - 42 (Overcomer)

When we give our allegiance to God, a number of things happen. One thing that happens, we beome a child of God. God becomes our Father. We become part of his family. A new position. A new status.

A second thing, there is a change in our hearts. It is like God injects new spiritual DNA into our innermost being. As spiritual mitosis takes effect, this new DNA takes root, increases and we undergo change. Change will continue until the old DNA is gone, and only the new remains. At that time, restoration to our original design is complete.

As we have discussed before, this process will never be complete in this life. We will make progress. It should be significant progress.

This DNA transplant will affect every area of our lives, but it will be seen especially in a few areas.
      - We will grow in love for the Father.
      - We will grow in love for God's other children.
      - We will have a new attitude toward God's commands.

● God's Perspective

The main battle against the enemy is getting people to change their hearts, to give allegiance to the Father, to join his family. Once that decision is made from the heart, the Holy Spirit, who is both the carrier of this new spiritual DNA, and the DNA itself, invades our innermost being. At that point, it's all over but the shouting. Our faith has defeated the enemy. We are liberated from the enemy's kingdom. We are part members of God's family.  The enemy has lost any claim on us. Transformation to spiritual perfection is assured. Again, not in this lifetime. But the process has begun. It cannot be stopped.

God's commands are not just a set of limitations to keep us penned. They are guides toward Christ's image. All the commands in the Old Testament were intended to guide Israel to holiness. Towards Israel becoming separate from the world. Not a separation of disengagement.  A separation of distinction with engagement.  A separation defined by the quality of life that demonstrates God's design for people, and, therefore,  demonstrates God's superior way of living.

And all of the commands in the Old Testament are intended to guide people to Jesus. It is impossible to obey them.

Commands are valuable as guides. They give clues for life and conduct. Jesus said we only need to know one ... "love." "Love" obeys all the commands of God. Now, Jesus does instruct in other areas how to give love further resolution.  But all we really need to know is love.

● Living My Life

Many people walk in fear. They give their allegiance to Jesus. They get adopted into the family. Now, they feel they need to toe the line, or God will get angry, and toss them out of the family.

Before someone gives their allegiance to Jesus, they ars rebels and enemies. And God views people and their sin in that light. Sin is an act of war and rebellion.

After someone gives their allegiance to Jesus, they are beloved children. These people are dead to sin and alive to God. God views those people and their sin in that light.

Please do not misunderstand. Sin is still serious. God still hates it. But I think to God it tKes on a different flavor. It becomes less an act of war, and more an interference.

God designed men to have relationship with God. This relationship is man's main heart "fuel." Man is "powered" to experience life truly. Sin in his children does not make God mad as much as it makes him sad. Sad, because his children have chosen an inferior life. Sad, because the relationship God has made people for is broken.

The relationship can be fixed.  As we chose to follow Jesus in repentance and faith,  we can choose relationship again in the same way. Still, too often, we rob ourselves by delay.

And if we walk in fear of our Father rejecting us, it can have the same effect as sin. Our focus is not on experiencing the relationship with our Father, and not expressing life as we intended to live it.

We need to focus on living the relationship,  knowing God,  being present with him. The relationship leads directly to connection to our main "fuel" and directly to accelerating spiritual transformation.

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