Monday, April 09, 2012

Evangelism - II

I mentioned the conference on “power evangelism.” Jesus gave his authority to cast out demons and heal diseases. In English, power and authority are almost synonymous. In the original language of the New Testament, power is having the ability or energy to do something. Authority is having permission to use someone else’s power.

The electric company has the power. They have given me authority to use their electricity. I have permission to plug in lights, a siren, power tools, TV’s, computers or appliances. But they have the right to revoke their permission, and I will no longer have authority to use their electricity.

There are, of course, those who hold that the authority Jesus gave the Twelve and his other disciples, he gives his present day disciples. (PDD’s) So, PDD’s have the authority to case out demons and heal diseases. So, PDD’s should use the power Jesus has made available to them to demonstrate the love God has for people. So, in cold contacts or daily relations, we should take advantage of opportunities to pray for people who are sick. (Hence, it is called “power evangelism.”)

Some PDD’s hold some of God’s power is not given anymore. There is power to redeem people from sin, but not to heal fevers or repair arthritic joint damage. It is as if the electric company decided it would no longer produce 220 volt power. We can use the lights, toasters and coffer points, but not dryers and stoves.

Some PDD’s hold we are not connecting all our tools to the power grid. We connect the lights, but not the refrigerator. Which means food is spoiling.

Why do some not connect all the power tools to the grid? Why would God give some power, but not all?

Of course, the real question is: what do you do, after praying, and the person does not get out of his wheelchair? Or the pain in his neck and shoulders gets worse?

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