Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeking God - II

Probably the most important element involved with attaining a receptive state is "expectancy." The logic works this way.

  • Relationship requires some sort of communication.
  • God and Jesus went through a lot of trouble to establish a relationship with people. And work to maintain the relationship.
  • If a person enters a relationship with God, he should expect that god will want to communicate with him.
Most of the week, I am distracted with work, getting ready for work, and household responsibilities. Imagine going steady with someone and spending all the time at the library studying. No wonder the two of you don't get closer. No wonder she finds another guy.

Theoretically, God does not need any time to speak to you. Practically, it probably takes at least a half hour, because it will take some time to clear your mind of all the details of life and focus on what God is saying.

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