Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeking God - III

Another thing that would help in achieving a receptive state is quiet and no distractions. Obviously, if the main hindrance to receiving is all the distractions going on around us, minimizing those ought to be a great help in hearing God speak.

I think the primary hindrances to my personal receptivity are internal distractions. Remembering tasks, chores and appointments all yell for my attention whenever I intend to spend time with God. Not to mention the urgent, almost irresistible urge to daydream. Why does this happen? Where do all these thoughts come from?

It could be we are all mentally undisciplined. (I am assuming I am not the only one.) Of course, we don't seem to have the same problem with other things. It is not possible to be totally focused  for all three hours of a football game. (That's why they have commercials.) But most people are geared into the fourth quarter drive for the win.

If God's desire is for real relationship, then Satan's desire is to disrupt that relationship. Wouldn't he want to distract any attempt at a God-person connection? What is an easy way to disrupt that connection? Drop a small thought into the person's consciousness so it could trigger a long bout of daydreaming.

If Satan seeks to disrupt something, how important is that something to God? Be alert to consistent disruptions. Maybe it is an attack. If I could win a battle with one bullet, why would I want to drop a hydrogen bomb?

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