Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeking God

It's Saturday morning, and I'm doing something a bit unusual ... for me anyway. 

Fairly often, I will get up early and go to a coffee place. I will read, think, write, drink coffee, obviously, and seek god. Today, I am eating breakfast about an hour's drive from home. I have another hour to drive. The plan is to spend most of the day hiking in some mountains in a state park. During breakfast, I am spending about a fourth of the time I would usually spend doing the reading, writing, seeking God thing.

I find myself comparing the "productivity" I get on Saturday morning with the "productivity" of the rest of the week. If we measure productivity by journal entries -- and blog posts that are derived from journal entries -- Saturday morning beats the rest of the week hands down. (Of course, seeking God shouldn't be about productivity.)

But, why is that? God only talks to me on Saturdays? Probably not. Personally, I think God is trying to get through everyday. Probably every hour of the day. What is different about Saturdays?

I do take more time. I have nothing pressing. So, my attitude is more relaxed and more expectant. It probably has nothing to do with what I am wearing, day of the week or location. It probably has everything to do with mental and heart attitude. Days and times can affect these attitudes. They make it easier to get into a more receptive mode.

So, if God works to establish and maintain a relationship with us, then getting into a receptive mode is a vital component of that relationship. What are the steps or elements involved in receptivity?

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