Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kindgdom - 1d

Some of the seed landed in good soil/ It was cultivated with correct nutrients and produced tremendous fruit.

It would be safe to say that this soil was everything the others were not.

It was cultivated. That is, it was easy for the seed to penetrate the soil. Human spirits need to be cultivated. Prayer, love, service and consistent obedience to the truth affects human hearts, preparing them for the invitation of God. Consistent, persistent application of these things reinforces their effects, a well as help maintain their purity.

If the invitation is given truthfully and completely, no false expectations are built. God's intent and design is faithfully communicated, but the battlefield faithfully communicated also. We are aware of the rewards. We are not surprised by the conflict; and we are armed to meet it.

They are placed in a healthful environment. All the inputs necessary are being given. All the outputs necessary are being practiced. As we have spoken here in the past, I don't think that ingredients to a healthy inner life are ingredients that are considered traditionally religious. Though those are important. There are ingredients that would be considered emotional, psychological, social and physical that need to be considered.

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