Thursday, February 07, 2013

Discipleship - V

Then, the description seems to shift. It doesn’t describe the things the early church practiced, as it tries to paint a picture of what early church life looked like.

There continued to be supernatural events, as when Jesus lived. Healings. Miracles. The blind see and the lame walk. May be resurrections from the dead.

The apostle’s faith was strong. They had seen Jesus’ works. They were confident about what was possible. The Spirit moved freely in their lives.

Many people today do not see nor expect to see any supernatural events. Have we lost faith? Have we explained away anything supernatural by our “scientific,” sophisticated, tainted with materialism, world-views? Or did Jesus “prime the pump?” Or in other words, did Jesus’ faith. Love, prayers, expectations and perspective act as seed – like seeding rain clouds – to the supernatural? Because of the way he lived, the supernatural was more predisposed to break through into the world?

I know some people who believe that he “primed the pump” at least in one area … that we will look at very shortly.

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