Saturday, February 09, 2013

Discipleship -VI

The next part of the picture says that the early church got together and everyone shared what they had. They sold possesions and property to provide for people in need.

The picture is of a very open-hearted, open-handed people. There was a genuine concern for one another. There was a genuine desire to help, to meet needs.

A community is born. A family is born. Other parts of the picture emphasize the fact also. People from a large swath of the middle east, Europe,  Asia,  and possibly Africa,  join together across culteral barriers to become genuinely involved in one another's lives.

Like people naturally attract. But, here, people from different backgrounds,  languages and cultures were drawn together, based on a connection of a hunger to learn about this Jesus, and the Holy Spirit forging a heart chain between them. And they sacrificed for the good of each other.

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