Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Discipleship - VIII

It was community life around Jesus that had a continuing persuasive effect on the other people in Jerusalem. Each day, people were choosing to follow Jesus.

Is this true in your city? I have heard people lament this lack of harvest. People throw up their hands and shake their heads are the hard and resistant hearts.

But Jesus said the harvest was ready! Why did the apostles experience this “reaping” that has not been seen on this on-going scale since. (Meaning there were short time frames that have equaled … or, at least, were close.)

I think there were two reasons. One, Jesus had spent the last three years abundantly sowing. It is obvious – there has to be abundant sowing, if there is going to be abundant reaping. The apostles profited from Jesus’ labor. At some point, the seed Jesus sowed ran out. The apostles continued to sow; so they continued to reap. But the sowing stopped; so the reaping stopped.

Two, there was …

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