Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Discipleship - VII

They also seem to hang out together a lot. They worshiped daily in the temple. They met in homes to eat together and share the Lord’s Supper.

Although, it does not explain what this worship looked like (one large group, many small groups, or individuals worshiping separately, but together) but there was daily contact. Maybe multiple times daily. Church life was certainly much more than 2-3 hours on a Sunday morning. More than a Wednesday night prayer meeting. More than a bi-weekly small group. I do not want to minimize these activities, but there seems to be something more.

Community life arranged around Jesus had a powerful effect. Even, though they were Jews, they were from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They got along. They were generous to each other. They were hospitable to each other. And they interacted in ways that were positive demonstrations of Jesus.

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