Monday, February 18, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy?

Scripture encourages us to not worry about anything. Rather, our response should be prayer. We have previously defined prayer as a conversation with God. So, we are being encouraged not to have a conversation with ourselves about issues facing us, but have a conversation with God about them.

There are several things that happen when we approach God with issues. First, we invite his participation in them. That is, we give him permission to intervene and interfere in our affairs. So, he has room to orchestrate whatever concerns us to produce the best possible outcome.

Second, we can ask for and receive wisdom. This has a couple of effects. He is able to give us understanding from his point of view. We might even get a brand new point of view. We also see how we need to respond, what our attitude should be, or if there is any action we should initiate.

Prayer should lead in a change in how we view problems, and how we approach solutions to problems. I don’t know if this means we need to be happy with whatever is facing us, but we should be able to face it with confidence and positive expectations.

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