Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Becoming Priests

One by one, people choose to follow Jesus. (At least, in the US, it’s one by one.) And as they choose, they begin a process.

They are judged guilty, but they are judged to have had their sentences served. They begin a process of training to live, look and act like Jesus. They are redeemed and forgiven. They are adopted into God’s family. They are given God’s presence in their hearts. They are allowed unprecedented access to the King of Kings.

They are also put into training as God’s priests. We are responsible to intercede for other members of God’s family, as well as everyone else, who are not part of God’s family.

As priests, we should explain God’s nature, work and governance. We represent God to all people. We take part in the training of others in how to live as a member of God’s family and in the training of how to act as God’s priest.

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